“I’ve suffered from anxiety and depression ever since I was a child. When I first came to see you I was in such a dark place. I can’t imagine ever feeling that way again and I certainly never want to. After our first meeting I remember feeling so much lighter.

One of the things about you that really stands out for me is that you combine talk therapy with other interesting modalities. I love the Emotion Code. It’s incredible how much better I feel now that I’ve let go of the emotional baggage and negative energies which have held me back my entire life.

I was genuinely excited to come to see you every week to see what new things we were going to do and what tools you were going to use.

You are an incredibly sympathetic person and there’s something very warm about the way you listen. I can see in your eyes and in your face that you genuinely care. I was very fortunate to find you.“ Vanessa G.

You are doing amazing work! How blessed your clients are to have you help facilitate their grief healing process in such a profound way!!! Kudos to to you.”. Alyssa Al-l Chokhachy, Author, Miraculous Moments; Our Children Live On; The Angel with the Golden Glow; How Can I Help Papa?

I came to you with years of frustration and sadness over my relationship with my adopted daughter. You let me share my history for 40 minutes. When I stopped to take a breath, the first words out of your mouth were “ Have you ever heard of Radical Attachment Disorder?” You hit the nail on the head! You don’t specialize in children or adoption and yet you gave me what we’d been looking for for years!!! One meeting with you gave our family something that years of multiple therapists never could. You have changed our family for the better, forever. Thank-you! Kathleen S.

“These are the best therapy sessions I’ve ever had in my life and I thank God for bringing me to you. Not many people can do what you do-you are psychic, spiritual and also trained in traditional psychotherapy methods. You and The Emotion Code are a match made in heaven. I’m so grateful for all the tools you’ve given me. The fear and confusion are gone. I am relaxed, happy and excited about my life! “ Lisa F.

“ I enjoyed working with Frances tremendously. Her knowledge, skill, kindness and generosity of spirit allowed me to open up easily while working with her expertise in both the Emotion Code and Body Code. Thanks to this process, I’ve been able to let go of emotions and patterns that were holding me back in my life. I feel as though I have new wings and that I’m ready to fly. I cannot recommend her sevices highly enough.” Isabelle L.

“ On my way home from London last week, I was reflecting on where we were as a family one year ago. Me with severe panic attacks every time I had to board a plane, and my son in severe depression. This year I am flying completely free of medication, turbulence and all, and my son is happy and healthy. We owe you so much.

Thanks to you and EMDR, I can be a frequent flyer again; I don’t have anxiety for days before I leave, and the first time I fell asleep on the plane I thought OMG, is this actually working? At first I continued to take the sedatives, then progressively would forget to take them. Then sometimes, if experiencing some mild turbulence, I would take the sedative, then realize I did not really need it.

Last week I experienced severe turbulence overseas for two straight hours. While I was afraid and did consider taking the medication, I resisted and waited for the panic to set in. It never did. Despite my fear, no panic! Since I travel so much for work, this has truly changed my life and I cannot thank you enough.

Watching my son in severe depression was the hardest thing I have ever experienced. He was in such a dark place. Today he is happy and healthy. To see him smiling and being truly happy is the best gift in the whole world and I will be eternally grateful for what you have done for him, and for us as a family.” Elaine B.

“I just want to share what an amazing experience I had recently participating in a grief healing session performed by one of my extraordinary colleagues, Frances Kucharsky. I recommend her to anyone who is dealing with grief and loss over a loved one. She is trained to use EMDR ( a technique that was originally developed and successfully used in treating vets suffering from PTSD) which is part of this healing process in an updated form.

As someone who experienced this healing session first hand, I can’t even begin to describe how it deeply it affected me!!!. If you or anyone you know is in need of a grief healing session, please contact her for more information. Dr. Shahrzad Irannejad

“ This morning I’m feeling unusually calm, light and grounded in my being. The jittery feeling which is been a constant companion has simply disappeared. This feeling of groundedness is priceless. I wouldn’t change it for the world.” Danielle A

“ I am at peace! Thank you Frances for accompanying me on this journey.” M.S. Montreal

After doing the Emotion Code with you, I have an overall sense of happiness with my life and the direction it’s taking. Things that used to bother me no longer do. It’s as though something has been washed away. It’s amazing how much happier I am. I used to be burdened by anxiety and jealousy. That’s changed. Yes, I’d be sad if my relationship didn’t work out, but I know I’d recover and find someone else. Most importantly, I’ve changed my idea about the person I believe myself to be. I now know that I am the type of person who has the right to be happy and that happiness is available for me. It’s a feeling I never want to lose.”. L.S. Toronto, Ontario.

“ Frances has really helped me. She’s amazing and I recommend her highly. I knew that it was very important to click with a therapist on an emotional level and she really stands out as someone I can relate to and have a comfortable connection with.

She uses methods to help me get to my truth in a way that is just not logical or rational but can access what is deep inside me. I notice a big difference in how I feel about myself. I used to question my self -worth and feel guilty about speaking up for myself. Now I am able to set boundaries and speak up for myself and what’s more, I feel deserving when I do this.

An important part of her assistance has been the grief therapy and reconnection with my father who had been ill and who just passed away a month ago. I’ve learned to connect with him and I feel like he’s still there offering comfort and support. While I miss him terribly, I’m able to deal with his loss and adjust surprisingly well.

The tapping as well really surprised me. It just opened me up and allowed things which I did not even know were there to emerge. I feel like I’m getting lighter. Frances, you have a way of doing therapy that works so well for me. I’m less fearful of trying things that take me out of my comfort zone. I don’t know where this journey will bring me but I’m willing to just throw myself out there and trust my life without worrying about where it may lead or who I’ll become.”. Nancy Kaudel, Hudson

“ I could never have believed that life could be so good and that I could have so much fun. I’m looking forward to the future and am excited by it.” Sonjia P.

I came in for help for anxiety and especially OCD. I didn’t know it at the time but what I needed was help in stopping the cycle of anxiety and breaking my habit of depending upon obsessive compulsive rituals. What I really appreciated from Frances was her non-judgemental approach and the fact that she recognized very quickly what I was doing.

She helped me identify when I was going into a destructive thought spin and would remind me in a gentle matter of fact way “ don’t go there.” For me that was really important because I could take the learning outside of the therapy session and actually use it on a day today basis. It wasn’t theoretical but very practical. That was huge! And something I really appreciate from the sessions we had together.

If you’re thinking of therapy with Frances, you can have confidence in her ability and skills. She will help you, support you and always be there for you. And she offers a wide range of different tools and approaches that actually work .” Kelly E, New Brunswick

“ Together with the therapeutic tools, the Emotion Code and EFT tapping, your intervention has succeeded in helping me live a more positive, enriched experience. I am still happy and still feeling the beneficial effects of our sessions. I’m very grateful to have had the good fortune to have met you.” Paula K

“ The work I’ve completed with you is the most vital work of my life and will be the foundation for what is to come. Thank you, Frances, for your guidance, generosity, love and belief in me!!! II will always carry you with me in my heart . With much love.” J.L

“I will be eternally grateful. Frances has an observant eye and is full of wisdom.” Maureen W

“Because you focused attention is like a light that allows me to see what is real, because you always get me back on track , because you don’t let me get away with dishonesty, because you’re caring opens my heart I am deeply grateful “ Lise K

“ When Frances Kucharsky first told me about the Emotion Code, I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and intense feelings that were slowly dragging me down, both mentally and physically. A close family member, one very dear to me, had been diagnosed with metastasized cancer- and my heart was heavy. The idea that trapped emotions can create pain and disease was not new to me and knowing Frances as a very experienced and well respected professional – I accepted her offer with no real concerns and only the hope that it would help to ease my pain.

I do admit to being somewhat sceptical that she was able to do a session at a distance – by telephone or even without me present at all – but that soon vanished. After the first session I felt a calmness, but it was during the following week when the work she did became became undeniably apparent. The floodgates opened to years of loss, from my youth to the very present. Grief flowed forth and I began to understand not only how much I have held inside, but how much harm it had been doing to me physically. And then she even connected issues inherited from generations of family members past, which lay in my very cells. The connections she made were real and made complete sense within the context of their life experiences- and what I carried within me most of my life. It was all part of the building blocks of who I had become, not who I could or should be.

We did a few more sessions, as my pain was deep and attached to so much that was not mine. There is still some work to do but the healing has begun and right now I see light in my future instead of darkness. I am learning to let go and each day gets brighter.

Needless to say, I highly recommend trying this therapy or any other form with Frances – who has years of experience and is extremely insightful as well as compassionate.” Bonnie W. Montreal

Frances has helped me immensely with anxiety. What I really love and respect about her is that she has a strong foundation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but also uses really interesting alternative interventions such as The Body Code. Frances has a spiritual quality that has really helped me with my growth and development both personally and professionally. I really value her work and highly recommend her.” S.F. Montreal



You and Your Aging Parents:

“This course is of immeasurable value to me in my daily life. Frances’ presentation is superb - so precise, clear and to the point. What a gift! “

“ Clear, interesting, insightful. Frances’ enthusiasm, her openness and vast knowledge of psychology contributed to the tremendous success of this group. Very useful and relevant, not only with ageing relationships but with other family members, coworkers, partners etc.”

“ Excellent course, excellent presentation. I’m now able to get along better not just with my mother but with others as well. The theoretical part was incredibly useful.“

“ Rich so rich, with an abundance of useful concepts and ideas.“

“ Too short, make it longer. The course has been of great value to me not only in dealing with parental relationships but with relationships in general. Frances is an excellent facilitator, always pleasant, clear, consistent and non-judgemental.”

“Just great!! Frances is so easy to talk to and just a pleasure to listen to. Made me aware of so much and gave me so many useful tools. Excellent course – more please.”

Stress Management & Assertiveness:

“ As I learned more in my life got more colorful. Now I can handle difficult situations with more confidence. Now I better understand the relationship between assertiveness and stress. More assertiveness; less stress. Thank you, Frances.” Edith B, Montreal

“ Very enlightening. Please make more people aware of the benefit of this course, and of its value and staying positive and healthy.” Harry Easton, Westmount

“ It’s been a great learning experience. It as though I’ve been given a new family where I can be seen and heard. Your warmth, your openness and your understanding plus the information you provided have been deeply helpful. Thank you, once again. “ Louise F.

“ The weekly sessions with you and the group were like a wake up call and doors were opened that had been closed. Your compassion and understanding were appreciated. For myself, I am looking forward to future enlightenment. Thank you, Frances “ DG Montreal

“ Very thought-provoking sessions by an empathic, knowledgable and friendly person. Frances has created a very congenial, open atmosphere in which even those unused to opening up we’re doing so easily toward the end. Both the verbal and written information was pertinent and helpful. Thank you, Frances.” Antoinette C,

“ Inspired. Frances is an excellent teacher.” Mary M. Westmount.

Film and TV:

“ Many compliments on your great talent and wonderful work.” Attif Sidiqui, Client/Director of SOLO, National Film Board of Canada

“ We received many positive comments about the program from both viewers and station staff. Thanks for being such a great guest on Health Exhange.”

Paul Larson, producer, Managing Anger, Mountain Lake PBS Television, New York.